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How to Use Your Network of Contacts to Give Your Income a Major Boost

Provider of leading broker technology solutions, iTech Software offers a generous reward package under their iRefer program with ongoing benefits for up to two years.

iTech Software is making it possible for affiliates and referrers with a network of brokers to boost their income through their iRefer program. By referring brokers to their cutting-edge technology solutions, referrers may continue reaping benefits for up to two years after the broker signs up with iTech Software.

With more than a decade's experience in providing state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure solutions for brokers, iTech Software boasts deep insights into what brokerage firms need to succeed. The company also provides compliant solutions for brokers across geographies and regulatory jurisdictions. The iRefer program is a win-win for both referrers and the brokers they refer.

Affiliate Marketing is the Future of Business

The 2022 Performance Marketing Industry Study reveals that the affiliate marketing segment has soared 47% between 2018 and the end of 2021, representing a CAGR of 13.7%. Affiliate marketing offers businesses a cost-effective means to drive traffic to their website and increase customer reach.

Affiliate marketing offers multiple benefits for referrers, such as low investment, high ROI, flexibility to work at one’s own convenience and minimal or no risk.

Partnering with a trusted solutions provider, such as iTech Software, can also help support the referrer’s reputation. Industry experts in the iTech team have designed turnkey solutions for brokerages, from ensuring a successful launch in a minimal timeframe, to ongoing support to ensure growth and expansion.

How iRefer Helps Affiliates Succeed

Through its iRefer program, iTech Software is giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to capitalize on their network of contacts. With iRefer, referrers can spread the word about iTech Software’s industry-leading broker solutions. They can use their entire network for this, from current or previous clients and partners to social media connections and colleagues to any other acquaintances.

The best part is that iTech Software will take care of each referral by providing personalized consultation. Affiliates can rest assured that their referees are in good hands, where an expert team will spend time to gain a deep understanding of their needs and potential. Each referral will then be provided a custom business proposal to help them succeed.

Agents can also gain peace of mind with the transparent payments offered by iTech Software. As soon as an agreement is signed between their referee and iTech Software, the affiliate receives their payment. In addition, the referrer/agent gets ongoing benefits for up to 2 years from when the referred clients sign up.

Why Partner with iTech Software

iTech Software offers the latest technological solutions for brokerages. The company’s commitment to broker success is evident in its constant innovation to provide leading edge solutions. This makes the company a one-stop shop for a powerful trading platform, CRM and back-office technology, website design and hosting, marketing automation, and risk analysis and mitigation.

The proprietary Web Trader includes unique features for brokers on-demand, such as social and copy trading, PAMM/MAM accounts and integration with iTech Software’s cutting-edge CRM and back-office solution. A core strength that the iTech team bring to the table is years of experience in the financial industry and their willingness to share their expertise with the clients. A Personal Project & Customer Success Manager ensures they get the knowledge and support they need to launch quickly and efficiently. They help brokers with company registration and licensing by connecting them to the right partners, while also offering them the benefit of its extensive network of third-party providers, such as PSPs and exchanges, and integrations with dialer/VoIP systems.

So, when referrers and affiliates refer their contacts to iTech Software, they can be sure of industry-best support.

To join the iRefer program or to learn more about it, contact the iTech Software team at [email protected]. Affiliates/referrers can also meet us at the “Affiliate World Barcelona”.