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iTech Comes to iFX EXPO International 2023 - What to Expect

iTech Software to attend the largest B2B fintech expo of the year - meet up with their experts and catch up with the company’s latest developments.

Representatives of the leading fintech firm iTech Software will attend iFX EXPO International 2023 to share industry expertise and their insights into the proprietary brokerage trading platform iTech Web Trader, amongst other products and services.

iTech representatives with various specialisations such as Sales Managers, Customer Success Managers, Brokerage Onboarding Experts and Technical and Development Experts, will be available for catch-up meetings and in-depth presentations about the company’s powerful technology solutions, including iConvert CRM for Marketing, iTech Web Trader and other in-house developments in English, Hebrew and Russian.

This year, iTech launched new developments in the revamped Web Trader. The well-known trading platform has a range of new functionalities aimed at streamlining the trading process. For example, traders now have the option to select between two different chart views - Classic View and Trading View - for brokers to tailor their platform according to their brand and offerings with just a single click.

To meet the growing demand for social trading, iTech has added on-demand Social Trading and Copy Trading features to its Web Trader. Additionally, traders can now access Percentage Allocation Management Modules (PAMM) and Multi-Account Manager Account (MAM) options.

With the upgraded Web Trader, managing multiple trading accounts becomes more efficient as everything can be accessed from one central location. This gives traders the flexibility of maintaining one account for social/copy trading while dedicating another account for developing personal trading strategies, amongst other approaches. The integration puts brokers into a better position to attract today’s tech-savvy traders who are keen on keeping track of strategies employed by experienced traders and adopting similar approaches themselves.

The Web Trader platform also provides Live TV and News Feed integrations. Traders can access real-time market news directly on the trading platform instead of switching between apps. This feature encourages traders to spend more time on the Broker's platform.

The platform offers various other features aimed at attracting and retaining clients for brokers. These include online chat support, a wide range of indicators, and a real-time notification centre. Traders are provided with a personal cabinet that features user-friendly menus and comprehensive information about trades, deposits, finance, as well as a personal verification centre.

Another key development this year was iTech’s launch of iManager which features a single log-in and dashboard to monitor all activities in one place. With its powerful filters, businesses can easily track key parameters across their desired timeframes. The platform also offers advanced marketing analyses and financial reports for valuable insights into data-driven decision making.

With its extensive range of features and functionalities, iManager empowers Brokers to make strategic decisions based on reliable data, ultimately driving all their brands towards success in new markets and geographies.

In other iTech news, the company’s latest in-house development is iConvert CRM for Marketing, a turnkey, feature-packed back office system suitable for conversion tracking and monitoring. Leveraging iTech’s proprietary CRM infrastructure, iConvert allows affiliates to better manage FTDs and capitalise on their network.

Created with affiliates and brokers in mind, iConvert increases efficiency with a user-friendly back office system designed for Partners and Brokers of all sizes. Manage all your business activities in a single CRM interface with a Tailored dashboard, News Panel, Online Chat and FTD Management, with full technical support.

Are you ready to propel your brokerage forward by harnessing the power of iTech Software? Book a meeting with the iTech team on their website.