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iTech Redesigns CRM for Brokers That Require Excellence

iTech Software has redesigned and improved its CRM to give brokers even greater control while ensuring seamless operations and satisfying customer experiences.

Leading fintech and broker solutions provider, iTech Software has launched its freshly redesigned and improved broker CRM. The powerful tool, designed through deep insights into the needs of the forex industry, allows new and established brokers to seamlessly manage customer relationships. The revamped CRM is yet another step in the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to power broker success.

With years of experience catering to the needs of the financial industry, iTech Software offers cutting-edge technology tools that enable forex, CFD, crypto and NFT brokers to grow quickly and efficiently. The company’s comprehensive suite of solutions includes its proprietary Web Trader and Back Office solution, live support, and risk monitoring, assessment and management. In addition, iTech Software provides all the connections and integrations brokers need to drive business growth at scale.

Standout Features of the Improved CRM

One of the most popular and advantageous elements of the iTech ecosystem for brokers is the CRM. It has an unparalleled track record of receiving the highest possible ratings from brands all across the world, especially for its features and accessibility. Dedicated to providing brokers best-in-industry solutions, the highly experienced development team at iTech Software has used its deep understanding of broker and trader needs to integrate the latest technological advancements to make the CRM more intuitive, customisable, user-friendly, fast and efficient.

Some of the features and functionalities that set the iTech CRM apart from the rest are:
  • The user interface has been completely redesigned. It has been reorganised so that features, statistics, reports, and other functions can be easily discovered and used.
  • The variety of charts and widgets available to the brand has been enhanced. Brokers can quickly and effortlessly view their best-performing clients, deposits, active trades, withdrawals, affiliate conversions and much more.
  • The dashboard is now fully customisable, so that each brand can move widgets and arrange them in the most convenient position for ease of use.
  • Instant access to all transactions and requests.
  • A panel in the dealing room that tracks trade-related statistics from the beginning of the brand’s history.
  • A wide range of statistics to drive smart, data-driven strategic decision-making for management.
  • Filters and presets offer complete customisability. Every page can be customised with any data, and presets can be easily created to allow access to any data with one click.
  • KYC module can be used by both regulated and non-regulated brands to expedite customer verification. A questionnaire is also available for this purpose.
How the New iTech CRM Will Power Brokers

With many years’ experience of catering to the finance industry, iTech Software understands the challenges brokers face. The team uses this insight to develop powerful solutions to support broker success

For instance, building trust among customers in the fiercely competitive financial markets and, standing out from the competition requires much more than providing easy access to multiple trading instruments. Plus, today’s trader is tech-savvy with high expectations from their brokers. This requires brokers to offer the latest technology tools to ease participation in the financial markets for traders of all experience levels. In addition, special attention needs to be paid to keep traders and their funds safe.

Staying abreast of the latest technological advancements is challenging for brokers. This is where a trusted partner can ensure that brokers don’t need to worry about maintaining and upgrading of their technology platforms. iTech Software takes care of all technology needs through its full-service offerings, so that brands can focus on growing their business.

The redesigned CRM offers effortless control over back office operations, as well as a customisable trader dashboard, easy integration with the Web Trader for cutting-edge trading tools, support for social and copy trading and PAM/MAMM accounts. Powerful and customisable administration tools allow brands to monitor customer accounts and offer personalised recommendations, support and satisfying customer experiences.

In addition, the CRM has been designed to offer:
  • Easy interface for the operational, finance and technical support departments.
  • Monitoring of all client activities from a single place.
  • Track and control, deposits and withdrawals and marketing activities.
  • Set up personalised offers and run marketing campaigns.

For brokers spread across multiple geographies and jurisdictions, iManager simplifies multi-brand management. iManager offers unparalleled visibility into all activities and performance of each brand from a single dashboard and back-office login. It comes armed with comprehensive filters and tracking tools, along with advanced tools for marketing analysis and financial reporting.

The CRM also allows seamless management of affiliates and introducing brokers. iTech Software speeds up business launch and success, with integrations to the most effective affiliate networks on the market, fiat and crypto payment service providers and exchanges, and VOIP/Dialer systems. Also, the iConvert CRM is a back office system specifically created for brokers and partners of all sizes. Track conversion, manage clients and FTDs, get latest news and chat with partners and clients all from one interface.

Every client also gets a dedicated Brand Success Manager throughout the business’ lifecycle. With support from the experienced and skilled iTech team, brands can launch their business within just one week of signing on with the company.

With a commitment to bringing the best solutions to ease business operations for brokers and fintechs, iTech Software continues to innovate and keep its offerings at the leading edge of technology. To learn more about how iTech Software can power your brand to succeed, talk to the experts today.