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iTech Software Launches Cutting-Edge Brokerage Management Software – iManager

Leading fintech software developer, iTech Software, has launched its latest technology tool,iManager, to ease the management of business activities for multi-brand global brokers.

As part of its commitment to providing the latest technology solutions for brokers worldwide, leading fintech software firm, iTech Software, has launched iManager. The latest addition to its bouquet of technology offerings reflects the company’s constant efforts to drive the evolution of technology and bring the most powerful tools to ease business operations and growth for brokers.

Advanced Features for Informed Decisions

With a mission to support brokers establish and expand their businesses, iTech Software keeps a keen eye on the pain points and needs of its target customers. This market insight led the company to develop a suite of state-of-the-art technology tools to address every stage and aspect of running a brokerage firm. iManager has also been developed in response to the growing needs among brokers for robust technology to expand their platform to support multiple brands across different markets.

With iManager, brokers will be able to effortlessly monitor activities and performance across brands and regions. A single back-office log-in will provide access to all brands under a brokerage from a single place, rather than having to access each entity from a separate dashboard or system. The software also arms brokers with a wide range of tracking tools and filters, along with advanced marketing analyses and financial reporting.

With the rich feature and functionalities of iManager, brokers will be empowered to make data-driven strategic decisions to drive their business in the right direction. One of the invaluable features of the software is the Maps module, which allows brokers to track deposits and overall performance across geographies and countries, for multiple brands simultaneously. This can help them make informed decisions regarding their business expansion roadmap and marketing investments.

In addition, the reporting system allows brokers to export a single report with all the statistics, facilitating in-depth analysis. Advanced statistics, graphs and various date filters can be used to easily compare campaign performance.

Another crucial element of iManager is the facility to monitor affiliate activities across multiple brands of the same brokerage. Today, partner programmes have become an indispensable tool for brokers to maximise outreach and expand globally with local support. With the ability to track affiliate activities for every brand under the broker’s umbrella across different timeframes, strategic decisions regarding resource allocation, support and marketing can be made to maximise business growth.

The iManager dashboard also helps brokers keep an eye on lead generation, sales activities and trader retention statistics across countries and brands.

Customer-First Focus

iTech Software is committed to helping brokers start and expand their businesses in the most efficient, quick and cost-effective way. To support this, the company has developed future-ready technology tools and platforms for forex, CFD, cryptocurrency and NFT brokerages. The technology offerings are constantly upgraded to bring the most advanced solutions. For instance, iTech Software has developed its own proprietary Web Trader and Back Office software, allowing brokers to offer best-in-industry user experiences to their traders.

The company’s brokerage package is a comprehensive business toolkit that offers live support, monitoring and risk management, along with easy integrations. With these tools, brokers are powered to expand their business to new markets and geographies, supported by a platform that scales according to their needs.

Some of the key features of their technology toolkit are:

  • New-age trading platform
  • Easy integrations with payment service providers, exchanges, and affiliate networks
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Website design and hosting
  • Full business advisory services

iTech Software recognises that today's trader is technically sophisticated and expects nothing less than the best trading experiences. This is why the company focuses on staying one step ahead of technology evolution to bring a full-stack solution for brokers.

About iTech Software

iTech Software is a technology provider known for its B2B solutions amongst brokers and market leaders globally. The full-service one-stop shop for brokers is powered entirely in- house, from developing and maintaining iTech’s proprietary Web Trader and Back Office to covering all live Support, Monitoring & Risk Assessment and Management needs of brokers. The company brings together all valuable connections and integrations to help businesses grow. Meanwhile, their team of industry experts work closely with brokerages, taking them through every aspect of their business development ensuring long term success.

Contact the iTech Software team at [email protected]. for any requirements or to book a meeting at the iFX EXPO Dubai, which will take place from January 16 to 18, 2023.