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iTech Software Offers a New Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity Solution for Brokers

iTech’s agile security system provides a shield against any type of suspicious online activity keeping brokers and traders safe.

Digital technology is one of humanity’s incredible inventions, coming with benefits and risks in equal measure. In the category of risks, cyberthreats are the biggest concern that professionals face today across industries. In its 2023 “Global Risks Report”, the World Economic Forum warned that cybersecurity would remain a challenge throughout 2024, with financial systems and communication infrastructures being most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Prioritising data security, iTech Software staves off cyberthreats, helping online brokers run their business without interruptions and cut down costs. The company enjoys particular notoriety in the fintech industry for its turnkey brokerage solution that meets even the most discerning needs of Forex, CFD and crypto entrepreneurs.

iTech also takes credit for building an agile security system that shields brokerage platforms and websites against any malicious interference. Deploying state-of-the-art Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defence technology, iTech Software has developed a cybersecurity solution that ticks all the boxes.

Mitigating cyberattacks

The innovative tech firm has proved a remarkable ingenuity in finding lasting solutions to problems that have long been lurking in the industry. Here is how iTech can significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks:

  • Dedicated servers. Committed to safeguarding its clients’ data safety, iTech Software stores all its partners’ data on dedicated servers. This not only lends operational autonomy, it also protects against external interference.

    With a dedicated server, brokers using iTech’s tech suite enjoy enhanced website and platform performance, scalability and security. Most importantly, the server can be customised to each broker’s requirements while hosted in one of iTech’s ultra-secure data centres.

  • Daily database backups. iTech clients can be at ease that all their critical data is backed up every 24 hours, which guarantees seamless access to it even in the face of unforeseen events.

    Standing guard over its partners’ operational efficiency, the company restores any lost sensitive data from a backup copy with 99% of the content and changes preserved. From database (DB) replication to faithfully backing up DB file modifications with a timestamp to logging events, nothing gets lost.

  • Mirror technology for utmost website resilience. When it comes to tamper-proofing websites, iTech’s server mirroring technology is a winner. Providing optimal load balancing, this sophisticated system provides 99.99% website fault tolerance during massive hacking attempts, limiting their damaging effects.

    By cutting off the attacking cluster, the system re-builds server communication in such a way that the website remains up and running even during the attack, with no loss of data.

  • Static IP. Another vital element for online trading market players is maintaining access to their back-office systems. To help brokers keep tabs on their back-office activities and prevent malicious interference, iTech has come up with the right solution for brokers using its CRM - static IP. This gives users a constant whitelisted IP network identification, offering brokers control over who can access their back-office systems without posing a threat. Another key benefit of the static IP is convenient remote accessibility.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). Phishing (aka data breach concerning lost or stolen credentials) is one of the most widespread forms of cyberattack targeting online brokers. With its 2FA (two-factor authentication) extra layer of protection, iTech Software puts an end to phishing attacks by neutralising the risks associated with any compromised credentials - before they even happen. This helps boost trust in brokerage services, ensuring traders’ sensitive information is protected at all times.

  • Monthly security reports Always at the client’s side, the technology provider issues monthly security reports that offer a clear overview of the status, empowering brokers to address potential threats promptly and efficiently.

  • Quarterly third-party audits. To warrant its clients’ data security, iTech has partnered with trusted cybersecurity companies that conduct regular audits that help preserve any system’s integrity and safety.

  • Secure API integration. To minimise vulnerabilities, brokers can securely use iTech’s API to connect to affiliate and IB websites securely.

  • Proxyable branding. Anonymity, access to global CDNs, multilevel content caching, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and a bullet-proof access policy are the key benefits of using proxy protection servers such as iTech’s. iTech Software makes every brand proxyable, or in other words, it protects its IP address, extending its lifespan without compromising security.

  • Anti-bot algorithm. Digital bots have been polluting the online space for decades, and their harmful effects are well-known especially in the brokerage industry. If not stopped, they can jeopardise a broker’s reputation. This is where iTech’s powerful anti-bot algorithm comes into play, making broker websites impregnable. For enhanced protection, brokers can also add a CAPTCHA seal on their homepage.

Thus, by presenting brokers with a technology bundle that covers all bases of brokerage operation and optimisation, from customer relationship management to marketing, back-office and website cyberproofing cost-effectively, iTech Software emerges as the go-to technology provider for trading platform operators looking for a competitive edge.

What about you? Looking to beat the competition? Contact iTech Software and discover how you can gain the edge you deserve.