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Brokers Need These Tools To Stand Out In 2024

Leading fintech solutions provider, iTech Software, continued to showcase its commitment to broker success in 2023. The company launched new products with groundbreaking features and upgraded its existing product suite with functionalities that transform business operations.

As iTech Software embarks on a new year, it looks back at the highlights of 2023 that helped establish the brand as the preferred fintech partner for brokers worldwide.

Easing Brokers Global Expansion with iManager

iManager is a one-stop platform for brokers to manage all brands under their umbrella from a single, custom dashboard. It eases monitoring activities and overall performance across brands and geographies with a single back-office login.

A Powerful Revamped Web Trader

iTech Software undertook a major upgrade of its proprietary Web Trader platform, redesigning it to meet the evolving demands of today’s traders. The intuitive and feature-rich platform was reinforced with cutting-edge functionalities to provide best-in-industry experiences for both retail and professional traders.

Seamless Operations with an Improved CRM

To power brokers to provide the most satisfying customer experiences, iTech Software revamped its existing CRM in 2023 with pioneering features, such as:

  • A completely redesigned user interface for easy discovery of features, reports, statistics, etc.
  • Additional charts and widgets to conveniently view best-performing clients, active trades, deposits, withdrawals, affiliate conversions, and more.
  • Fully customisable dashboard for brokers to move and arrange widgets for maximum ease of use.
  • Instant access to all requests and transactions.
  • Dealing room panel to track trading statistics from the beginning of the brand’s history.
  • Completely customisable filters and presets to customise each page for easy, one-click access.
  • Improved KYC module for accelerated customer verification.
Complete Marketing Support with iConvert

The iConvert CRM offers turnkey support for implementation, tracking and monitoring of marketing campaigns. The back-office infrastructure of the platform has specifically been created for the marketing needs of brokers and their affiliates. Unique features include a custom dashboard for client management, API-powered FTD management for seamless conversions, and many more.

Best-in-Industry Affiliate Programme

The iRefer platform allows individuals and businesses to earn from their network of contacts by spreading the word about iTech Software’s industry-leading fintech solutions. iTech Software offers personalised consultation to each referral and ensures that they receive the best-fit solutions to spur success. This not only drives earnings for affiliates, but also bolsters their reputation in the industry. Plus, iTech Software ensures peace of mind for its partners with transparent payments and ongoing benefits for up to 2 years for the affiliate when their client signs up.

High-End System Security

iTech Software ensures the highest standards of security for both brokers and traders. Its system security solution has been strengthened with:

  • A dedicated server to eliminate risks associated with shared servers.
  • Daily server backup to ensure complete security.
  • Mirror technology for zero downtime, even during cyber-threats.
  • Static IP for authorised access only.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Secure API to connect with affiliates safely.
  • Proxy protection servers for an extra security layer.
  • Daily activity and load monitoring.
  • Monthly security reports.
  • Quarterly third-party security audit.
A Mobile App That Raises the Bar

The only way to stand apart in the intensely competitive financial landscape is to provide groundbreaking customer experiences. This is exactly what the iMobile app powers brokers to do. With dynamic features that ease market participation for all types of traders, iMobile is a self-contained trading system with an independent backend infrastructure. Customers can directly download the app from the broker’s website or any web browser.

Smart Business Decision Making

iTech Software expedites business launch for brokers with custom integrations, ready-to-use connections, and business advisory services. The iSale Leaderboard is another game-changing tool, which allows businesses to track individual sales performances across their teams in real-time to enable quick and data-driven decision-making. A super convenient tool, Brokers get a real-time view with just one click:

  • Displays data on a daily, weekly, or month basis, depending on business needs.
  • Integrates easily with the iTech CRM to track performance across sales metrics.
  • Drives overall financial productivity by fostering healthy competition within sales team.
Committed to Continued Excellence in 2024

iTech Software is committed to continuous innovation to drive success for forex, crypto, CFD, and NFT brokers. The highly experienced team has deep insights into the rapidly evolving broker needs and customer expectations. To ease operations and global expansion, iTech Software offers a comprehensive suite of tools, along with a dedicated Brand Manager for every client to ensure growth at scale. To learn more about these tools and how they support business success, talk to the iTech experts today.