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Does Your System Provider Cover These 8 Points?

By partnering with iTech Software your technology is always 100% secure.

As a technology provider, security is our clients’ number one concern. As it is yours.

Dedicated to providing superior software solutions to brokers, iTech Software has a holistic view of the specific safety measures required for you and your traders.

Here’s how iTech ensures best-in-class security:

  1. A dedicated server protecting your brand from bad practices of other clients on shared servers
  2. Daily back up of server means that you’re covered even in the most extreme events
  3. Mirror technology ensures your site stays up; no-downtime if under malicious attack
  4. Static IP means your back office can only be accessed from whitelisted IPs, and also allows CRM access globally
  5. Two-factor authentication immediately neutralizes the risks associated with compromised passwords
  6. Secure API allows you to connect with your affiliates safely
  7. Proxy protection servers ensure anonymity and adds an extra layer of security
  8. Daily online activity and load monitoring, monthly security reports and quarterly third-party security audit.

By partnering with the right technology provider, you can rest easy knowing your systems are 100% secure.

At iTech Software, security is our top-most concern. Contact us to find out more or request a demo.