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Why an Increasing Number of Brokers Replace their Current Provider with the iTech Software

iTech Software offers a powerful alternative to the existing trading platforms that have limited capabilities at a high cost. The Proprietary Web Trader is meant as the perfect solution for mid- and large-sized brokers.

Leading fintech solutions provider, iTech Software, offers a proprietary, state-of-the-art Web Trader for brokers as a professional alternative to existing trading platforms that provide limited capabilities for both brokers and traders. Brokers have been struggling with most of the currently available solutions that are not just unreasonably expensive, they also tend to be complicated to use and require a long and cumbersome licensing process. In addition, brokers are looking for technology solutions that will allow them to control their trading platform and CRM from a single place, easing operations and customer services. iTech Software’s recently upgraded Web Trader has been designed keeping the needs of today’s brokers and traders in mind. It offers a one-stop solution for brokers to offer cutting-edge customer services, while traders can benefit from powerful functionalities that ease trading.

Responding to Broker Needs

iTech Software, with its commitment to driving broker growth via cutting-edge tech solutions, offers its proprietary Web Trader platform as a powerful alternative for brokers. The company recently undertook a major redesign and features upgrade of its Web Trader platform with the aim of empowering brokers to provide best-in-industry trading experiences for retail and pro traders.

iTech Software takes pride in staying abreast of broker needs. In doing so, the firm was told that while some very simple and tempting solutions were available in the market, they were better suited to support startups rather than driving growth or scaling with the business. When a platform is not designed with business growth in mind, it could even hinder growth. On top of this, brokers also noted on the slow speed and irrelevance of the Support and Risk Management services provided.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

iTech Software offers:

  • Customer Support and Risk Management guidance
  • Constant assistance of a dedicated Brand Success Manager not only during the onboarding process but also throughout the entire business journey, including:
    • System tutorials
    • In-house design and web customisation

iTech also observed that brokers using the trading platforms available in the market today needed to constantly upgrade and customise the design, and regularly add new features to better support brokers and their own business needs. Most platforms offer basic trading and order placement tools, which brokers need to constantly monitor to ensure that the latest features are added. Meanwhile their technology provider continues to collect a fixed maintenance fee each month without taking care of the broker’s needs. A case in point is when brokers attempt to integrate new PSPs, exchange or other external service providers into the system.

Apart from comprehensive technology support, the iTech Software team is also available for brokers who need an introduction to new Affiliate partners to ensure quality traffic for new geo markets, or require new features for their back office system. The industry experts at iTech Software connect brokers with the most productive Affiliate Networks on the market, while also offering integration with VOIP / Dialer systems.

iTech Software believes that technology providers should anticipate broker needs for a seamless experience, offering flexible means to upgrade and improve systems consistently to remain relevant with the latest technological advancements. With iTech Software’s White Label Solution, brokers gain access to comprehensive prime services, integrations and introductions needed to launch a successful business or expand to new markets. The adaptive solution scales with the brokerage to ensure seamless growth.

A Powerful Partner for Brokers

iTech’s Web Trader platform hosts a suite of features that help brokers offer memorable trading experiences, such as two chart options, a Classic View and a Trading View. With this feature, brokers can choose the mode most suitable for their brand with a single click.

The redesigned Web Trader also includes on-demand Copy and Social Trading, along with PAMM/MAM account options. These additions have been made keeping in mind the rising popularity of copy trading among the new generation of tech-savvy traders. Social trading can be a good way to motivate traders to spend more time on the broker platform too. Brokers are also better placed to support informed decision-making among their traders by offering an individual calculator to estimate potential profits, based on each trader’s invested capital and timeframe.

To further ease informed trading, iTech’s Web Trader offers Live TV and News Feed integrations. This gives traders real-time access to market news, so that they do not need to look beyond their broker’s platform for market information. Other features that help brokers attract and retain clients include online chat support, numerous indicators and a real-time notification centre. Traders also get their personal cabinets with intuitive menus and information regarding trades and deposits, along with a personal verification centre.

Most importantly, the Web Trader is immensely adaptive, serving the needs of brokers functioning under different jurisdictions with different licenses and regulations. It also supports multiple payment modes via integrations with various payment solutions and cashiers.

By choosing iTech Software as their technology partner, brokers gain the support of a highly skilled tech team that can get the platform customised and launched in less than a week.

For any questions or requirements, contact the iTech Software team.