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iTech Software Upgrades and Redesigns its Web Trader

iTech Software has undertaken a major redesign and upgrade of its popular Web Trader to stay a step ahead of evolving customer needs and demands.

In response to the evolving needs and demands of its customers and to sustain its growth momentum, leading fintech software firm, iTech Software, has invested in a major redesign and features upgrade of its proprietary Web Trader. The feature-rich and intuitive trading platform has been revamped to support brokers in providing best-in-industry trading experiences for professional and retail traders alike.

This move is part of the company’s commitment to providing the latest technology solutions to drive growth for brokers. The Web Trader is only one of the many powerful tools that iTech offers to ease business operations for its customers.

The New and Improved Web Trader

The proprietary Web Trader has been redesigned to include multiple new features that will ease trading. The trading platform now offers two chart options, a Classic View and a Trading View. This allows brokers to choose the most suitable mode for their brand and offerings with a single click.

In response to the rising popularity of social trading, the Web Trader now also includes on- demand Social Trading and Copy Trading features, along with PAMM/MAM account options. With this addition, brokers will be better placed to attract today's tech-savvy traders and motivate them to spend more time on their platform, monitoring the strategies of leading pro traders and following their trading approach. Traders can also use an individual calculator to estimate their potential profits, based on the invested capital and timeframe. This will help brokers support better-informed decision-making for their clients.

The upgraded Web Trader also allows traders to open multiple trading accounts, with the ease of managing them all from a single place. This way, traders can choose to use one account for social/copy trading and another to build their individual trading strategies.

The revamped Web Trader also offers Live TV and News Feed integrations. With access to real-time market news at their fingertips, traders need not look beyond the trading platform for external resources. This means brokers can encourage their clients to spend more time on their platform.

The platform offers several more features to help brokers attract and retain clients, including access to online chat support, numerous indicators and a real-time notification centre. Traders also get their personal cabinet with intuitive menus and information regarding trades and deposits, finance and a personal verification centre.

Increased flexibility was one of the drivers for the platform revamp so that it can serve the needs of brokers functioning under different jurisdictions with different licenses and regulatory requirements. Brokers also get to offer multiple payment modes to their clients, since the platform is fully integrated with various payment solutions and cashiers. Plus, iTech has developed a module on the Web Trader that allows brokers to set up and control deposit limits on their own.

Continued Commitment

iTech Software's commitment to support brokers with tools to ease operations and drive business growth can be seen in its constant efforts to enhance its technology offerings. The upgrade and redesign of the Web Trader follow close on the heels of the company launching a cutting-edge brokerage management solution, iManager. This software was built in response to the growing need for a solution that allowed brokers to manage the various brands under their umbrella across different markets and regions.

About iTech Software

iTech Software is a technology provider known for its B2B solutions amongst brokers and market leaders globally. The full-service one-stop shop for brokers is powered entirely in- house, from developing and maintaining iTech’s proprietary Web Trader and Back Office to covering all live Support, Monitoring & Risk Assessment and Management needs of brokers. The company brings together all valuable connections and integrations that will help brokerage businesses grow on a large scale.

For any questions or requirements, contact the iTech Software team at [email protected]